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What you think is important . . .  how you think is more important.

The world is changing at a rate unprecedented in human history. To build upon your success, expand your effectiveness, and to remain professionally competitive, the ability to learn, adapt, and apply new ideas has become today's most important competency.

Leadership Book by Ron Black


The Everyday Superhero's Action Guide to Plan and Deliver High-Stakes Projects

by Ron Black

Are you facing a project or initiative that can't afford to fail? Tap into your everyday superpowers and lead your team to success! 

It's make or break time for your career. Your next initiative requires the best from everyone on the team—even those who don't report to you. Want to lead success like a seasoned pro? Let an adviser for over 250 startups and 4 turnarounds teach you how to deliver results. Distilled from the Trust Your Cape® keynote, LEADERSHIP -The Everyday Superhero's Action Guide... Ron Black details his action-oriented blueprint for planning and leading high-stakes projects and initiatives.

In this book you'll discover how to:

  • Engage your everyday leadership superpowers—Clarity, Action, Purpose, and Enthusiasm
  • Use what you have right now to transform intentions into results
  • Harvest stakeholder wisdom and build engagement that drives purposeful action
  • Learn simple and effective planning techniques that improves communication, pin-points responsibility, and keeps you in control
  • Avoid deadly mistakes, mishaps, and problems before they can damage results or tarnish your reputation

Tap into your everyday superpowers. Transform ordinary into extraordinary. Build your CAPE with Ron and bring out the best in yourself and your team!

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