You Can Hire Talent : You Must Build Teams

In today's complex and competitive world, your success depends on the ability to create and lead high-performance teams – SuperTeams – fueled with a deep sense of purpose, positive interdependence, courageous collaboration, and ravenous hunger to achieve.

Imagine What You Could Achieve with SuperTeams

Team Culture is the Root of all Achievement

Mobilize Your SuperTeam

Leadership Keynotes and Mission-Specific Workshops

Signature Keynote

Trust Your CAPE! ®

Mobilize Your Everyday Leadership Superpowers

Tap into your leadership superpowers — Clarity, Action, Purpose, and Enthusiam — create a SuperTeam Culture — and radically improve your results! Imagine what you can achieve when your teams eagerly embrace challenges, leap into action, and deliver timely results. SuperTeams engage more deeply, innovate faster, and achieve greater success. Lead yourself and your team to climb higher, take big scary leaps, and stick the landings!

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SuperTeam Mission Briefings

Are You Ready for Adventure?

Like bootcamp for superheroes, these crucial competency workshops prepare SuperTeams for high-stakes adventure.


Leap Into
High-Performance Sales & Marketing

Leap into Life Balance


Leap Into
Productivity & Life-Balance for Superheroes

Leap into Projects


Leap Into
Planning & Leading High-Stakes Projects

Leap into Change


Leap Into
Leading Transformative Change Initiatives

Best uses for Mission Briefing Workshops: Get Clear - Get Going - Get Results!

  • Pair with Ron's keynote Trust Your CAPE!  as a deep-dive, objectives-focused breakout
  • Add crucial professional competencies to conference education tracks
  • Generate non-dues revenue with pre- or post-conference workshops
  • Add executive development topics to corporate training curriculms

Keynote and Workshop Bookings Include:

  • Custom tailoring to your goals, objectives, and participant needs
  • Printed Action Guides for all participants
  • Key-point Reinforcing Email Series
  • Follow-on Mentoring Services are optional

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About Ron Black

Wisdom is the Art of Making Experience Count

40 Years of Business Adventures and the 10,000 Hour Rule

You're right to consider the question, "What makes Ron the right person to help us achieve our objectives?" In a world with so many self-proclaimed "experts", it's a fair question.

My team leadership, business consulting, and mentoring mojo is simple: I've had the tremendous good fortune to work in scores of industries, with many outstanding experts, doing amazing work, over the course of seven recessions,Speaker Ron Black several major economic shifts, and mind-boggling technology transformations ...and I've picked up a few good ideas along the way.

It started early, before I was licensed to drive I was leading a crew and operating heavy equipment in the family's construction business. At 17 the U.S. Marine Corps helped mold my understanding of the power of shared values, team culture, and mission-focused leadership. And in the decades since, I've refined my business and leadership principles in 9 of my own businesses, as a Fortune 500 VP, as a business startup advisor to over 250 companies, an author of three books, and as an interim turnaround CEO four times.

Some would say I can't hold a job... I prefer to think of it as loving the adventure of working with amazing men and women — to bring out the best in themselves and their teams, to work with what they have, and achieve extraordinary results.

I'll let others define my "expertise" — does it take 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill?

I believe that expertise is not WHAT you think, but HOW you think — to be fearless, open, resilient, collaborative, creative, principled, and unstoppably focused on results. And that every crucial skill seems difficult until you've mastered it — and thereafter, second-nature.

If you find yourself thrust into challenging environments as I have countless times, I've got a few good ideas that can help you and your team make high-performance achievement second-nature... to climb a little higher, take those big scary leaps, and stick your landings!

"Everyone has a superpower of one sort or another,
and Ron Black encourages you to FIND yours and then TRUST it.
He does this with wit, insight and humor."

Orvel Ray Wilson, CSP

"Ron Black is a consumate professional with a joyful personality.
Anyone who either hears him speak or engages his services
will benefit from his depth of knowledge and real world experience."

Bob Chesney, Chesney Communications

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When You Work with Top Achievers, Results Add Up!

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Superheroes Unleashed (and Counting)

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Helping World-Class Leaders

Radically Improve Their Effectiveness

It's an honor serving everyday superheroes who make our world a better place. If you care about your mission, I'd love to work with you too!
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Trust Your CAPE ®

The Everyday Superhero's Action Guide to Plan and Deliver High-Stakes Projects

Are you facing a project or initiative that can't afford to fail? Tap into your everyday superpowers and lead your team to success!

Ron Black's latest book details his action-oriented blueprint for planning and leading high-stakes initiatives. Distilled from his vast experience leading innovation, change, and mission-critical initiatives, this practical guide "belongs on every owner's, manager's, and team leader's ready reference bookshelf." -Amazon Customer 5-Star Review

Includes 6 video tutorials and 5 downloadable checklists.

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  • If you applied his upbeat, superhero inspired approach to your next project, every member of the team will thank you for it and end up doing a better job! -Amazon Customer
  • Ron Black does it again except this time with his off stage performance. ...a must read for anyone trying to deliver high-stakes projects. -Jake French
  • Sagacity for Superheroes! ...a pragmatic guide on how to get projects done on time, on target, and on the money. -Jerry Fletcher
  • I jumped to the chapter on problems and found great structure to help me sort through several challenges I was facing. -Dr. Bill Connerly
  • Fortunately, Ron Black has taken his extensive leadership experience and skills and distilled them down into a great framework we all can use. -Scott Crabtree